Condensing Boilers

As a company Coastal Solar & Gas heating as the name implies can offer installation of the latest high efficiency gas condensing boilers.. We can offer all types of systems from regular boilers to system and Combi boilers. Coupled to the latest high efficiency cylinders and solar tubes will make for significant savings in gas usage.

Our chosen brand of boiler is Alpha Boilers Ltd

The choics of three types of regular boiler make the Alpha Ideal in almost any situation The regular condensing boilers Alpha CD13R/CD18R/CD24R

The Alpha CD13R, CD18R and CD24R high efficiency heating only boilers for use on open-vented or sealed systems (using the Alpha sealed system kit).

With these high efficiency boilers, there's a plentiful supply of hot water when fitted with a storage cylinder.

Efficient and reliable

The CD13R, CD18R and CD24R have a SEDBUK Band 'A' efficiency rating with supreme Alpha reliability. The CDR can operate on a open-vented system which makes them ideal as replacements for traditional cast iron boilers.

Maybe the overiding reason that we use Alpha Boilers is that we can secure for you a 5 year parts and Labour warranty (subject to boiler being serviced once every year)

We supply as standard a 5 year warranty with all regular boilers.

Condensing System boilers

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