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Coastal Solar and Gas LTD are now fully solar Photo Voltaic (Solar PV) accredited and we can now offer our customers full support choosing the right solar PV solution for your home. You will benefit in the long term from extra income and saving on your electricty bills, along with cutting your carbon emissions.

Facts about solar PV

Generous tarriffs that are paid to you for producing your own electricity.

All Rebates are tax free and Indexed linked.

Tarriffs are fixed for 25 years.

The investment that you make in solar panels and/or tubes will give you a solid return on your money as well as adding to the value of your home. It will help the environment as well as reducing your energy costs.

In uncertain times, and embracing the green technologies that are available today, there is security in knowing that you are not entirely reliant on Fossil fuels

A Typical 2 Kwp system on a south facing roof at 30 degree pitch might be expected to produce 1667kwh in one year.

This would equate to an income generated at the new tarriffs of £718.47. In addition to this you will be paid £25.83 for exporting.

You will alos be saving on the power that you will use from the power grid as you are now supplementing what you use.

This equates to £108.00 in fuel bill savings.

The total amount of saving per year will be £851.97 per year.

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