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  • Robert Carter

Coming back to life

Like an old friend coming back in to the fold the time has never been better to install Solar PV to your home. In these uncertain times of price increases and uncertainty where we get our energy from Solar PV is having a real resurgence. The buk of our enquiries come from people who want to install some form of renewable measure that will cut their energy dependance on the main protagonoists .Solar PV is at the front of those enquiries right now. Everyone can expect to have to pay more for their energy and its how we act to make sure that our money goes further. Solar PV was all the rage 11 years ago and then when the tariffs were dropped it was not as poular. Its now making a real comeback and with panels up to 400w it will mean you can get more power installed with less panels on your roof. If you might be interested then click the contact button.

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